Watch Documentaries

Watching documentaries at no cost has never been easier. An excellent collection with more than 800 documentaries from BBC, National Geographic, Biography channel plus more are available for free. - 11-9 documentaries
If you're reading this article you are fan of documentaries also. Through my transition from VCRs to Video streaming, I found it really hard to find a great source to watch full documentaries online without the need to download them, use dodgy software or pay subscription fees.

I feel that the knowledge the documentaries provide should be shared and made designed for all users to take advantage off. John Gierson the founding father of the term documentaries argued in 1926 that documentaries are a new type of cinema that efforts to explain life.

How much videos that are available on the internet is so large and finding quality documentaries is not an easy task to do. Moreover the risk of running into virus infected websites, or websites that fill your screen with pop-ups, Trojans and ads is very high.

Another issue I needed to deal with is that by going to video sites including YouTube I do not know very well what to search for when it comes to documentaries and also the big majority of them are split into a thousand parts. Call me lazy however in the Internet age that people live in, I want to have a list of Full 1 part documentaries correctly categorized then I will take the liberty to analyze and select the ones I am interested in watching.

My adoration for documentaries lead me into making a website that looks much like YouTube but has a collection of more than 800 documentaries. I've scouted the web and collected the very best documentaries from different sources (Google Video, Daily motion, YouTube) and embed them together in my site.

All videos are full streaming documentaries. The character of watching documentaries online has evolved and since YouTube as well as other websites are becoming popular, video streaming will be the way to go. No downloads, no pop-ups, no hustle with 30 part videos with no downloads. Watching documentaries online has not been so easy, just lay back relax and allow the magic of documentaries take control. I started this project since i want to share and discuss my passion for documentaries with the rest of the world. Feel free to drop by and join town. - 11-9 documentaries